Study Group on M2M/IoT: Special Committee Activity

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Special Committee on Business Application

  • Planning of lectures/ seminars on M2M business
  • Provision of opportunities for exchange among members belonging to companies
  • Participation in various exhibitions, such as Embedded Technology
 Special Committee on Technology

  • Planning of lectures/ seminars on M2M technology
  • Construction of a prototype system for M2M (for education and for system/ research)
  • Holding study meetings/ workshops on M2M technology
 Special Committee on Education

  • Planning of presentations on technology targeting technical college and university students
  • Drafting of educational curriculum for M2M in collaboration with technical colleges and universities
  • Embodiment of M2M/ IoT needs through the spread of M2M prototyping in technical colleges and universities
 Special Committee on Science

  • Scientific investigations in cooperation with the Investigative Committee on M2M Technology Investigations, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
  • Support for submission of papers to various academic societies and planning of symposia
  • Support for working adults to write scientific papers
 Special Committee on International Affairs

  • Collection of leading-edge technology, from areas such as Silicon Valley, and the disclosure of information in seminars and on the web site
  • Exchange of information related to M2M technology and business with Vietnamese organizations
  • Support for exchange with overseas universities and for submission of papers to academic societies abroad
 Kansai Sectional Meeting

  • Provision of opportunities for exchange among companies in Kansai
  • Planning of lectures on M2M business/ technology in Kansai
  • Provision of opportunities for exchange on education for university and technical college students in Kansai